House of Secrets by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini

House of Secrets (House of Secrets, #1)House of Secrets by Chris Columbus

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was sent this to review with my children and had to wrestle it back off my daughter to read it! Then I couldn’t put it down…

The Walker family have had to move house after the father Dr Walker is involved in what they refer to as “the incident”. Needing an affordable home they are surprised when the real estate agent suggests Kristoff House in an exclusive neighbourhood overlooking Golden Gate Bridge. There are some things that freak Brendan and Nell out before their parents agree to buy the home but it seems like they are just lucky. Cordelia can’t believe the house comes complete with a fully stocked library including books by the author Denver Kristoff.

The night they move in things go horribly wrong. Dahlia Kristoff (who claims she is the daughter of Denver – but how can she be over 100?) unleashes magic that appears to have killed their parents. The children and the house are sent out of modern day San Francisco but where are they? It gradually dawns on Cordelia that things around them appear to come from at least 2 of Kristoff’s novels. They will have to use their wits and unexpected allies to survive.

It seems the only way out is to obey Dahlia and retrieve the magic book she has been searching decades for. There are some cliff hanger adventures on the way which kept me hooked. Some of the characters they encounter are psychotic to say the least and they are threatened with gruesome deaths on more than one occasion.

They will have to work as a team using each others strengths to survive whilst Dahlia tries to use their selfish desires to get what she wants. Will they ever get home safely and see their parents again?

A fabulous fantasy story mixing magic and mystery together. The cast of characters is fantastic and yet believable. As an adult I loved it even though its aimed at 9+ children. My 7 year old loved the bits I read out loud to him! I will have to get my 10 year old to add her review now I’ve let her have it back…

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