Infinity Drake: the Sons of Scarlatti by John McNally

Infinity Drake: the Sons of ScarlattiInfinity Drake: the Sons of Scarlatti by John McNally

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another children’s book that I couldn’t put down!

Infinity Drake aka Finn has been left in the care of his Uncle Al whilst his gran goes off on a knitting cruise around Norway. The plan is to secretly bunk off school and have a few days abroad. Unfortunately there is a secret part of Al’s life that Finn is about to get caught up in…

Turns out that Al works for a secret government agency and one of his inventions is needed in the face of a deadly genetically modified wasp which has been released somewhere in the south East of England. A crack military team is going to be miniaturised and sent to track down and kill the wasp before its nymphs mature. However Finn ends up being shrunk to 9mm as well and must join forces with them to save the day!

An adventure where even ants are a deadly foe makes for an exciting story. Throw in an evil genius with a team of genetically brain enhanced teenage side kicks and its hard to put down!

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