The Song of the Gladiator by Paul Doherty

The Song of the Gladiator (Ancient Rome, #3)The Song of the Gladiator by Paul Doherty

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one was a slow starter for me and then I couldn’t put it down!

Set in the reign of Emperor Constantine when Christianity is no longer proscribed but not yet the official religion. Young Claudia agent of Empress Helena is summoned to the imperial summer residence to solve the mystery of a stolen holy relic. The villa is hosting a debate between rival Christian factions as to whether God is the Trinity or if Jesus is a lesser person. Then someone starts killing off the Christian debators in horrifying fashions… Claudia now has 2 things to solve…

Meanwhile back in Rome her gladiator boyfriend is having problems himself. His opponent in a big fights was poisoned but survived. It appears lots of money has been gambled on the outcome of the fight and the one to follow… So Claudia is also doing her best to help her man!

Plenty of action with twists and turns. Lots of historic details about Rome, early Christianity and gladiators.

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3 Responses to The Song of the Gladiator by Paul Doherty

  1. Anna C. says:

    Interesting review! I really like historical fiction, and Rome is a hard time period to beat. I haven’t heard of this author. Do you think he portrayed Ancient Rome with historical accuracy?

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